Lee In-Jae 6th grade friends, 1955.

Honoring the Past

By Ned Forney | Jan 5, 2018

They’re a loyal, fun-loving bunch. The former North Korean refugees, men now in their seventies and eighties, get together four times a year to have dinner, reminisce, sing, and give thanks for the opportunity to live in a free, democratic country. It all started five years ago when, on a whim, a few members of…

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Ned with former Hungnam refugees at the Heungnam Memorial on Geoje Island 2017.

Planes, Presidents, and Presentations – A Look Back at 2017

By Ned Forney | Jan 1, 2018

Nearly eight months ago, on May 11, 2017, I posted my first blog. I had written an article the day before for the Korea Times, Moon Jae-in: From Geoje to Cheong Wa Dae, with my reflections on the newly elected president of South Korea, and the blog reiterated some of the points I’d mentioned in…

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Kimchi 5 and Kimchi 1 at Dr. Hyun Bong-Hak's memorial

The Kimchi Babies

By Ned Forney | Dec 27, 2017

At some point during the early stages of SS Meredith Victory’s December 22-25, 1950, voyage from Hungnam, North Korea, to Geoje Island, South Korea, a baby was born. The ship’s crew was astounded. The men had never sailed with more than a handful of passengers aboard and had never dreamed that a baby would be…

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Hungnam Evacuation – A Christmas Miracle

By Ned Forney | Dec 19, 2017

Author’s Note After two and a half years of researching the Hungnam Evacuation for a book I’m writing about the historic event, I’ve become immersed in the story (or maybe obsessed, as my wife would say). Along with countless hours of research, reading, and editing, I’ve also interviewed 30 former Hungnam refugees, taught classes to…

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View of NK at JSA

A Trip to the JSA

By Ned Forney | Dec 10, 2017

It’s one of the saddest and most intimidating and dangerous places on earth. The Joint Security Area (JSA), or “Truce Village” as it’s frequently referred to, is a complex of small buildings that literally sits on the border of North and South Korea. Five of the buildings, collectively called “Conference Row,” actually straddle the line…

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North Korean propaganda poster depicting destruction of US capitol

Twenty and Counting

By Ned Forney | Dec 3, 2017

North Korea has launched 20 (yes, twenty) missiles this year. And we still have a month to go. Tensions on the Korean peninsula are at an all-time high, and as we look back on the Trump administration’s response to Kim Jong-un’s reckless and relentless pursuit of a nuclear-armed ICBM arsenal capable of hitting the US,…

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Battle of Chosin- The American Experience documentary cover

Physically and Emotionally Frozen

By Ned Forney | Nov 29, 2017

Sixty-seven years ago, on November 27, 1950, one of the most monumental battles in US history began in the desolate, unforgiving mountains of North Korea. What occurred over the next two weeks was nothing short of a terrifying, grisly, and frozen nightmare. Chosin, as the savage fight between US and Chinese forces is now called,…

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Capt. Leonard LaRue, 1950

He Never Forgot His Captain

By Ned Forney | Nov 26, 2017

On December 14, 2017, I’ll have the privilege of joining J. Robert “Bob” Lunney at a lecture about the Heungnam Evacuation being held at The Korea Society in New York City. It’ll be a memorable event, one that I’ve been looking forward to for months. During two and a half years of researching and writing…

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Turkey Popsicles and Frozen Gravy

By Ned Forney | Nov 23, 2017

67 years ago today, men of the 1st Marine Division found themselves on the other side of the world. The Korean War was raging, and they had been sent to a cold, grey, and lonely place no one had ever heard of – Chosin, or Changjin, as it’s called here in Korea. And it was…

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Elena, Irene and Massimo

One Restaurant, Three People, and a Dream

By Ned Forney | Nov 21, 2017

Every once in a while, whether you’re in Charleston or Seoul, Rome or Busan, or your favorite vacation spot in between, you stumble upon a restaurant that’s much more than just a place to get great food. It’s also a little slice of home, a dash of childhood nostalgia, and a hefty serving of good…

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