Picture of Turkish Korean War veteran

Photographing Korean War Veterans – An Unfinished Mission

By Ned Forney | Nov 14, 2017

It was one of those days that goes above and beyond your expectations. Walking toward a restaurant last week with a Korean friend who would be my interpreter for the evening, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Neither one of us had met the man we were about to have dinner with, and although we knew…

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Cover of the program for the 2017 program

Veterans Day 2017 – A Message from Seoul

By Ned Forney | Nov 11, 2017

Today, in tribute to all veterans and in honor of my grandfather, Colonel Edward H. Forney, USMC, I’m posting a speech he made at the Marine Corps Birthday Ball in Seoul, South Korea on November 10, 1958. Col. Forney was the senior US Marine Corps advisor to the ROK Marine Corps from 1957-’59 and as…

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Gen. Walton H. Walker statue at Camp Humphreys

Trump’s First Visit to Korea

By Ned Forney | Nov 6, 2017

It’s always fun to write a piece for The Korea Times, and when I was asked to contribute my views on Trump’s upcoming visit I jumped on the opportunity. As I point out in my article below, the ROK-US alliance is strong – and getting stronger. South Korea and the United States have agreed to increase…

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invitation from MPVA

Remembering Chosin

By Ned Forney | Oct 26, 2017

It’s a pivotal event of the 20th century. An experience so monumental that it has come to represent, even encapsulate, the ongoing struggle between the forces of oppression, tyranny, and authoritarianism and those who believe in freedom, justice, and democracy. The Chosin Campaign, correctly called “Changjin” in Korea, was a defining moment in history. The two-week…

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Poster of Seoullo at Seoul Station

Ever Been to a Skygarden?

By Ned Forney | Oct 24, 2017

Until this morning if anyone had asked me, “Have you ever been to a skygarden?” the answer would have been a quizzical, “Don’t think so,” followed by, “What’s a skygarden?” Now I know. Today, as I walked around downtown Seoul on a crisp, clear, October morning, I experienced Seoul’s new – it opened just a…

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Xi Jinping

The Domino Effect

By Ned Forney | Oct 17, 2017

As joint ROK/US military drills begin off the coast of Korea and Kim Jong-un revives his threats against Guam, people around the world are understandably concerned. No one knows what will happen next. With Rex Tillerson saying America’s diplomatic efforts will continue “until the first bomb drops,” a retired US Army general predicting America will…

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King Sejong statue in Yeouido, Seoul

The “Great Alphabet”

By Ned Forney | Oct 8, 2017

It’s time for another holiday in South Korea. Tomorrow, October 9, is “Hangeul Day,” a day set aside to appreciate and honor the Korean alphabet, known as “Hangeul” or the “Great Alphabet” (han (한) means “great” or “big” and geul (글) means “script”). As strange as the holiday might seem to non-Koreans, the commemoration of Korea’s alphabet is a revered…

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Spam gift packages at a local market

For the love of SPAM

By Ned Forney | Oct 4, 2017

Today is the second most important holiday in Korea. It’s called Chuseok (pronounced chew-suk), and it’s the equivalent of Thanksgiving Day in American. We’re celebrating our third Chuseok in Korea, and we love it. Good food, time with family and friends, crisp fall air, and no work. What’s not to like? And then there’s Spam. As a…

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Civilians fleeing in Seoul, 1950

The High Cost of Freedom

By Ned Forney | Oct 1, 2017

Riding the metro through Seoul last Thursday, I crossed the Han River and was treated to a spectacular view of the city. A seemingly endless array of high-rise offices, apartments, department stores, and eclectic smaller buildings – mom and pop restaurants, local coffee shops, schools, churches, and convenience stores – stretched for miles. I was…

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Kyung Hee University

Kyung Hee University and the 36th UN International Day of Peace

By Ned Forney | Sep 24, 2017

Thirty-six years ago – while Americans flocked to the theater to see the first “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” Prince Charles and Lady Diana married, Hosni Mubarak became president of Egypt, and I struggled through my senior year in high school – Kyung Hee University made an historic proposal to the United Nations. The university, located in…

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