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We Surround You – Surrender and Survive

In the opening scene of Christopher Dolan’s Dunkirk, Nazi propaganda leaflets, thrown from German planes, reign down on a small group of British soldiers walking through a deserted French street near the beaches of Dunkirk. “We Surround You – Surrender and Survive,” the flyer instructs the soldiers, ominously implying what will happen if they don’t.…

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May the Circle Be Unbroken

They boarded a ship on December 19, 1950, and never returned. None of them could have imagined on that fateful day 67 years ago that they were saying good-bye to family and friends – forever. But they survived. With the help of Dr. Hyun Bong-Hak, a Korean doctor who was determined to save them, and…

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Who Would Have Guessed?

When my cousin Alice told us she’d be coming to Seoul for her first trip to Korea, we were thrilled. After somewhat randomly agreeing that she’d arrive on June 23rd and stay until the 3rd of July, we patiently waited for the big day. We had everything planned out. Or so we thought. What we…

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