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Trump’s First Visit to Korea

Gen. Walton H. Walker statue at Camp Humphreys

It’s always fun to write a piece for The Korea Times, and when I was asked to contribute my views on Trump’s upcoming visit I jumped on the opportunity. As I point out in my article below, the ROK-US alliance is strong – and getting stronger. South Korea and the United States have agreed to increase…

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Remembering Chosin

invitation from MPVA

It’s a pivotal event of the 20th century. An experience so monumental that it has come to represent, even encapsulate, the ongoing struggle between the forces of oppression, tyranny, and authoritarianism and those who believe in freedom, justice, and democracy. The Chosin Campaign, correctly called “Changjin” in Korea, was a defining moment in history. The two-week…

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Long Live the Lane Victory!

She’s a survivor. SS Lane Victory, one of 534 “Victory” class cargo ships built during World War II, has a proud and storied history. From trans-Pacific operations during the final months of World War II, to rescuing over 7,000 North Korean refugees in December 1950, to delivering supplies throughout the Vietnam War, Lane Victory and…

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Armistice Day – 64 Years Later

After three years and one month, the guns stopped firing, the bombs stopped dropping, and the people stopped dying. The fighting was over. But the war wasn’t. On July 27, 1953, now remembered as Armistice Day, an agreement was signed, bringing a ceasefire to the ravaged Korean peninsula.  Wars end with a peace treaty, not…

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How Could We Ever Forget You?

“How Could We Ever Forget You?” For those who fought in the “Forgotten War,” it’s a rhetorical question they rarely hear. But this past June in Houston, hundreds of Korean War veterans, their relatives, and guests attended a commemoration of the 67th anniversary of the start of the Korean War. Like similar events held around…

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Who Would Have Guessed?

When my cousin Alice told us she’d be coming to Seoul for her first trip to Korea, we were thrilled. After somewhat randomly agreeing that she’d arrive on June 23rd and stay until the 3rd of July, we patiently waited for the big day. We had everything planned out. Or so we thought. What we…

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Home Again, Home Again

My whirlwind trip is over. I’m back in Seoul. After traveling nearly 13,000 miles in a 3-day period, it’s good to be home! It’ll take a while for everything to sink in, but for now I’m just trying to recall the moments that made the trip such a memorable experience: talking with President Moon in…

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In the States – for 36 hours!

Last week I received one of those calls that instinct tells you will unleash an avalanche of meetings, ceremonies, dinners, speeches, and interviews.  Not to mention international flights, rental cars, and hotel stays.  After talking with a South Korean embassy official and being invited to Washington to attend ROK President Moon Jae-in’s speech at the National Museum of…

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Memorial Day Around the World

This weekend as Americans relax and usher in another summer vacation season with cookouts, beach reading, shopping sprees, blockbuster movie openings, and good times with families and friends, we also remember America’s military men and women who died for our country. It is, after all, Memorial Day Weekend. As we reflect on those who were killed and…

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