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What’s in a Name?

War Memorial of Korea- Gallery of names of UN soldiers

We all have one, and although we have no choice in deciding what it’ll be, it’s permanent, staying with us from cradle to grave. It becomes a defining feature of our human character, and long after we’re gone, a memorial to what we did or didn’t do during our time on earth. Whether it’s chiseled…

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Trump’s First Visit to Korea

Gen. Walton H. Walker statue at Camp Humphreys

It’s always fun to write a piece for The Korea Times, and when I was asked to contribute my views on Trump’s upcoming visit I jumped on the opportunity. As I point out in my article below, the ROK-US alliance is strong – and getting stronger. South Korea and the United States have agreed to increase…

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May the Circle Be Unbroken

They boarded a ship on December 19, 1950, and never returned. None of them could have imagined on that fateful day 67 years ago that they were saying good-bye to family and friends – forever. But they survived. With the help of Dr. Hyun Bong-Hak, a Korean doctor who was determined to save them, and…

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